Kaya Mo 'Ba Ito? (Mga Bata Wag Gagayahin Sa Bahay)

Try this! but outside the house...to prevent fire.";)

David Gates -Take Me Now..

i create this video for two hearts in love...enjoy watching.";)

Think I'm In Love Again

Here I Go Again...

Bumigay Na Ang Pangarera Na Bluevar, Nadagit Ni Batik

If you are lucky & if you win her heart...you both going into this..but take good care of her..love her..& still court her everyday.":)

Ganito Manligaw Si Batik'

In human, girl want to express their feelings & opinions w/o being interrupted & criticized, so Listen..Caress her with gentle words, caress with gentle touch ...

Ang Nadagit Ni Batik' Ay Isang Taiwan Carrier Pangarera

Girl wants to feel secured when she's with you...wants to feel comfortable..wants to feel special..

Ambilis Sumagot Sa'yo Batik' May Kiss Agad

Most of girls want to share their emotions be ready how to respond accordingly...always be there to listen.

Anong Klaseng Diskarte Yan Batik?

Let her feel she's very special..flowers & chocolates will do but the most important communicate with her..just listen.

Ano Sinesenyas Mo Batik'?

Stare on her loving eyes..have little cue moves..sincerity in your eyes.