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Ripple in talks with US government, Xpring huge for XRP

Link to channel subscription: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE5rzi6qhOUqpslAGBuYAVw?sub_confirmation=1 Description: Ripple has met regularly with ...

Ripple XRP - SWIFT partnership or not?

Link to channel subscription: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE5rzi6qhOUqpslAGBuYAVw?sub_confirmation=1 Description Rumor has it that SWIFT is ...

Ripple XRP fits the job description for IMF Bali 2018 Agenda

Ripple XRP has all the necessary technology described by the IMF's agenda to harness Fintech notably in cross border payments and settlement. Other news ...

Ripple XRP - Federal Court rules all virtual currencies are commodities, interest in XRP grows

The CFTC has declared that the Federal Court has ruled all virtual currencies as commodities and Grayscale Investment quarterly report states investor interest ...

Ripple XRP : Long term vision will make holders prevail

XRP (Ripple) price has decreased over the last week, but the long term vision is what needs to drive you. Chris Larsen in Forbes 400 worth $2.1 billion.

XRP petition to be official Tokyo 2020 Olympic currency, WTO report on digital currencies...

A petition is circulating to make XRP the official currency of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, WTO releases report on digital currencies that could transform trade ...

Ripple and XRP global sentiment evolving

Ripple and XRP global sentiment evolving positively: Bitcoiners are starting to praise Ripple and XRP, price analyses are resoundingly bullish and XRP ...

Ripple powered MoneyTap app is live, New Wall Street backed exchange announced

In today's news, Ripple powered MoneyTap app has been launched, a new Wall Street backed exchange, ErisX, has been announced, and Bitcoin's centralised ...

Ripple XRapid commercially live : a date for history books

The long awaited XRapid product which uses XRP has been commercially launched with three clients. The first product using a digital asset in history is ...

2nd XRP price surge in 2 days, sentiment reversal is beginning

A second price surge in xrp just two days after the last one, xrp sentiment is starting to see a reversal, it's still time to hop on the train, but the clock is ticking.

XRP price holds its gains, US bank joins Ripple network & SAP tests Ripple product

Today I share some news about XRP holding its recent gains, a US top US bank joins RippleNet, & SAP tests Ripple products.

XRP price surge in last 24h !

XRP price has surged more than 17% on the 24h chart.

Ripple xRapid using XRP live in next month

Ripple executive says xRapid (using XRP) could go live in the next month or so, and drops clues as to which corridors could be used.

Catalysing the Internet of Value revolution with XRP, easy right?

Ripple's progress is outstanding so far, taking on all the hurdles it meets on its journey.

XRP Don't miss the bigger picture

XRP price is low, but so many things are on the brink of happening: HODL !

NCB of KSA joins RippleNet and other XRP news

NCB of KSA joins RippleNet, JPMorgan's date for the next global financial crisis, and cz_binance's interview.

Morgan Stanley crypto plans and other xrp news

Morgan Stanley has plans for entering crypto market, RIpple release an Insights piece, Wietse Wind shows a proof of concept for a new XRP use case.

Brexit catalyst for XRP and crypto adoption?

Speculation on how Brexit could be a catalyst to crypto adoption, comparison with events affecting Turkish national currency.

XRP tipbot by WietseWind tutorial

Tutorial video on how to you the xrp tipbot developed by WietseWind.

XRP rich list stats by Wietse Wind

The main features of the xrp rich lists stats website developed by Wietse Wind.

Présentation de LiveCoinWatch : comment suivre le prix du XRP

Video présentant LiveCoinWatch, le site permettant de suivre en temps réel l'évolution du prix du XRP et de toutes les autres crypto-monnaies.