Adrenaline 2 Stroke Blast

999 lb. 360cc Subaru 360 that really was never supposed to go more than 55 mph.

Daddy-Daughter Van Outing Turns Into Big Win

To our surprise, the colorful Subaru 360 Van Wins over the Judges pick from more than 1300 cars on a typical Wed, eve. Beaches Cruise In @ PIR. in Portland ...

No A/C and its Real Hot! What we do to stay cool. Family Movie.

We have natural A/C here in Portland Or. on 12th day of over 90'f.

Old Guys ride Grubby Jet Skis

Stand up Kawasaki's!

Silent Mayhem

Ally ,12 yrs. has a video project assignment. She stars, produced, recorded, dressed, filmed, edited everything entirely on her own . This is her 1st production ...

Recordbreaker ! The "BEST" car battery EVER made !

You will get a unbelievable charge out of this!. Most batteries are lucky to make 5 years. This miracle battery is amazing, no corrosion, no bulging, still works ...

Difficult Diagnosis

e 320 Mercedes. Misfire codes. Runs fine at idle. Car has no power . Tested spark plugs coil packs wires Fuel pump mass airflow sensor and o2 sensor's.

Adorable "Go Car's" trike scooters in San Fancisco

These beat up 150cc 4 stroke twist and go's reverse trikes rent for $ 60 bucks and hour in San Francisco. I asked about buying one.

The "FREE" Car is Fixed! Grand Finale

but was it really FREE?