Another Awesome KEI Van Aquisition Adventure !

A gracious YouTuber admirer offered me his van, how could I say no? What a perfect Sunday family adventure ! This 1991 Metro Van has some surprising ...

Introducing " Teslooter " My EV Scooter.

My clean/green power EVT 168 48 volt 30 amp hr lithium pack scooter project. Electric power is the future !

2016 Tundra ARB / Ready Lift Review

Toyota Tundra PRO with ARB winch bumper and 4 inch Ready Lift Kit.

Mini Cooper Panel Van

1981 Mini BMC custom Van.

Yes. I Accidentally Really Hurt Myself.

Normally I'm not accident prone. Apparently I am nieve. I found what I thought was a squirt gun in the garbage. Guess what happened next?

Lost and had to be Rescued ? : We were "NOT" prepared for Mt. St. Helens

It has taken awhile to recover. We feel so LUCKY to be alive. Be Careful out there!. Mountain weather conditions can change so fast!. We were lost in the rain ...

Fixed my Toyota Lights!. Factory HID Sienna

This Toyota Sienna will shine in the night.