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Ripple/XRP: No SWIFT partnership? BTC , ETH feeling irrelevant?

Swift and ripple partnership a possibility? Are btc and eth feeling irrelevant and need to boost their confidence? Xrp deposit(donation) address ...

XRP Family chat: my family talking Ripple and XRP

XRP family chat will be a new weekly segment of my family and I talking about Ripple and xrp.

Ripple/XRP: The U.S and China digital currency war

Is the United States and China in a digital currency war? Will xrp be the United States digital reserve? Xrp deposit(donation) address ...

Ripple/XRP : Santander to go live with SWIFT GPI...worried?

Santander is live with Swift gpi, should we be worried? https://amp.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/7yhw9l/david_schwartz_answers_to_a_question_about_swift/ ...

Ripple/XRP and the road to a new world currency?

Is Xrp in position to replace or support the dollar or does. Has Ripple Riddler and BG123 given us a big green heads up? Xrp deposit(donation) address ...

XRP: Ripple- SWIFT and “Belt and Road Initiative.”

Ripple is partnered with Swift partners in major ways linked by investors! The Belt and Road Initiative is massive and will send trillions through the hyper ledger ...

Ripple/XRP and a “SWIFT” victory soon?

Ripple attending Swift's SIBOS event in Sydney the end of this month. Sentiment about xrp has changed. Victory could be right around the corner.

XRP /XRapid November to remember?

Discussing the notion of Xrapid still not being live till November and that Swift is integrating.Will this be a November to remember? Xrp deposit(donation) ...

Xrp: XRapid is live...why no moon?

XRapid is live. Why hasn't the price mooned yet? Xrp deposit(donation) address rQJw7TX3LGp7bdoZoA4ykAADdQwsxUMkrV.

XRP moonshot incoming? XRP escrow memo...

Discussing the memo from the October escrow release. Is XRP about to moon?

XRP: XRapid Multi-Hop

Discussing Xrapid and the ripplenet multi hop functionality recently revealed. Xrp deposit(donation) address rQJw7TX3LGp7bdoZoA4ykAADdQwsxUMkrV.

XRP: Vincent Wilson and XRapid price increase

Discussing Vincent Wilson sending me a message and how Shane Ellis tells us how prices will go up when Xrapid is live Xrp deposit(donation) address ...

XRP haters are just misinformed!

Ever had someone try to tell you why they don't like XRP? Misinformation is at an all time high so get out there and educate your friends and family.

Xrp moon landing strategies pt2 Taxes


XRP Moon landing strategies

Me discussing strategies for what to do with the opportunity XRP will afford us. Xrp deposit(donation) address rQJw7TX3LGp7bdoZoA4ykAADdQwsxUMkrV.

XRP: XRapid soft release?

Xrp deposit(donation) address rQJw7TX3LGp7bdoZoA4ykAADdQwsxUMkrV.

XRP: FOMO and Ledger activity today!

Did Bitcoin Ben get a call or is this a bull trap, or is XRapid flipped on for a few customers on the low? Xrp deposit(donation) address ...

XRP price spike, Nostro/Vostro go home you’re drunk!

Did speculators raise the price of XRP, and will Nostro/Vostro accounts return to their point of origin after Xrapid goes live? Xrp deposit(donation) address ...

XRP: XRapid “live in a month or so” $589?

Discussing Xrapid release information and the question, when 589? Xrp deposit(donation) address rQJw7TX3LGp7bdoZoA4ykAADdQwsxUMkrV.

XRP will be King!!!

Xrp will not only thrive but I believe it will dominate. There will be a New king of the castle! Xrp deposit(donation) address ...

XRP: Security or not...

Looking at information about XRP and securities that makes me wonder what exactly we are waiting for. The suspense is killing us. Referenced video from DM ...