Yeshua Taylor

Ripple/R3/XRP: Bearableguy123 Background update! eBay prediction? Regulations?

Bearableguy updated his wall and there are questions if he predicted an eBay crypto announcement.

Ripple/R3/XRP: Coinbase to list XRP! Why now?!?

Coinbase now to list xrp and why now?

Ripple/R3/XRP: Bearableguy 123 new announcement on Feb 14th!

Bearableguy to make new price prediction on feb 14th.

Ripple/R3/XRP: Will R3 push SWIFT to use XRP via CORDA?

Why I believe SWIFT will use Xrp via corda.

Ripple/R3/XRP -SWIFT to integrate R3 technology! Huge news!

Swift will be integrating R3 tech into their platform. This is huge!

Ripple/XRP: What in the Nostro/Vostro is going on?

What happened to the amount in Nostro Vostro accounts and why haven't we see a price change?

Ripple/XRP: Fact checking FUD

Recent released FUD claims to fact check ripple on usage of xrp by FIs.

Ripple/R3/XRP: DX exchange and the stock and crypto market seesaw!

Are investors planning to seesaw money from the stock market into crypto? Will the six exchange facilitate this maneuver?

XRP Family/ Ripple AMA Livestream

Watch Livestream of Ripples Ask Me Anything Dec 18, 2018.

Ripple/R3/XRP- FED rate hikes and safe havens

Will the fed raise rates more and cause stock investors to search for an alternative safe haven.


XRP Family Chat.

XRP Family Chat

XRP Family Chat testing.

Is the ledger nano a pricey gimmick?

Discussing if the ledger nano s is actually safer or just appears safer.

Ripple/XRP: Rich mans Lance swinging contest!

Some rich guys are jousting with the BCH network and causing turmoil for maximalists.

Ripple/XRP: Let them Hash it out. Ripple Riddler - an insider or legendary level Troll?

BCH hash war has dropped the market. Ripple Riddler has made videos with elements from temenos and xrp United...how?