Ripple XRP & BTC Validity!!!


Ripple XRP & BTC Validity!!!


Banks/XRP/Life after moon..

Philosophy and Opinions on cryptos.

Are you XRP prepared???

News Article on the possible global reset ...

To $589 or Not?

Crypto Philosophy and Opinions.

XRP Official O.G.!!!

Opinions & Philosophy on cryptos.

XRP Lottery Ticket..!

PundiX Nigeria demonstrates POS.. https://www.facebook.com/pundixlabs/videos/1052392214923638/?fref=mentions&__xts__[0]=68.

Crypto ATM/CTM???

Crypto Philosophy & Opinions.

XRP, Fiat & Crypto for the Uninformed

Crypto & Economic Philosophy.

XRP Community Love & Preparation

Crypto & Economic Philosophy.

Ripple & XRP "The Rise of Champions"

Check out the link below..

XRP Leaving home???


XRP vs BTC???(Gang mentality)PT.2

Check out this news link.. XRP BABY! https://ambcrypto.com/xrp-was-piloted-with-12-banks-before-xrapid-launch-clarifies-ripple-executive/

XRP vs BTC!!!(Gang mentality)


IBM paying digital credits? Is it XLM???

I DO NOT own the rights to the material shown in my video. Original video was released 8/31/2018 and can be found on YouTube under IBM: Smart Recycling.

Will XRP save us? Is it a "banksters" coin???

This video is NOT financial advise!

XRP will NOT be used?????

Check out this article!!!! Have faith!!! https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-partners-with-national-commercial-bank-in-saudi-arabia-with-over-5-4-million-customers/

XRP under construction..

Insightful opinion on crypto @Rob_Cash71.

Thank you for NOT buying XRP...!

Personal views of crypto and philosophy.

Why people aren't awake to Ripple XRP???

This video is about the reluctance of people entering into the crypto space and the opportunities ahead with Ripple XRP.. Special thanks to The Modern Investor ...

"Check Meowt!" Fan Video

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