Frank Scutti

Pwnstar Morphling Escape [Dota 2]

My lucky encounter with death.

Frank and Sam's Battlefield 3 Adventure - Part 1

Part 1 of 5 of a CO-OP miniseries.

Battlefield 3 SPAS-12 Clip

My first Edit, hopefully done a decent job. Music - Clash with Evil Personified - Konami Sound Group.

Portal 2 - Decisions

Miguel and I cant decide what level to play.

Battlefield 3 Ultra - Frank Scutti

Anti-Aliasing/edges would have looked better on a 1080p monitor.

Dota 2 - The Great Escape

Running away from Puck. D:

*osu!* Antiloop - In My Mind (Scope DJ Bootleg) [Hard]

The only Hardstyle Beatmap on osu! :(

[osu!] Subplaid - Only Time Makes Your Happiness [Hard]

Me displaying my perfection of one of my favorite osu beatmaps.

MW3 Stress Test

V-Sync made my mouse flip out a few times. :/

TTT2 OST: Fallen Garden - Scutti/Barhoum Edit

DISCLAIMER: This song was composed by Nobuyoshi Sano. All the credit goes to him. TTT2 belongs to Namco Bandai Inc. TTT2 OST: Fallen Garden ...

New Counter-Strike: Source Kill/Death Animation

I started playing CS:S after the big update on 6/24/10 and this is what the new headshot animation looks like. WTF!

Raptor USP 3k

didn't even touch me! :3.