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Bitcoin Core Client vs BitMEX? Programmer explains.

BitMEX launching their own Bitcoin client - let's discuss! https://blog.bitmex.com/bitcoin-cores-competition/ https://github.com/BitMEXResearch/bitcoin ...

Fortnite WON'T Use Crypto - ERC21 and ERC721

Let's talk why games lite Fortnite probably aren't interested in using crypto. We will take a look at Tony Shengs essays and discuss.

Ridiculous Roubini vs Wise Woz

In this episode we discuss the importance of being humble when approaching new technology. We take a look at two people with completely different ...

What is Bitcoin Liquid Network? Programmer explains

Let's discuss Bitcoin Liquid Network, why Blockstream created it and what it will be used for! https://blockstream.com/liquid/faq/ ...

Risky Bitcoin PUMP and Tether (USDT) Connection

Today we discuss the connection between Tether USDT and the recent Bitcoin pump. it's important to udnerstand how the price of Bitcoin is expressed on ...

Ethereum Fork Fail, Coinbase + Binance Ventures

Good Morning! Let's discuss the testate fail of Constantinople and Coinbase and Binance ventures.

TRON 200x faster than Ethereum? Programmer explains.

We are dicussing recent announcement from TRON and Justin Sun claiming to be 200x faster than the Ethereum platform. As well as the fact that a 12M usd was ...

Runescape Nerd to Developer / Story of Ivan on Tech

Today I want to share my story, how I went from being a Runescape nerd to a developer. We discuss how you can start your path as a developer which is one of ...

What are NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)? + Next Bull Run

NFTs is a very interesting subject that people still don't really understand. It's a world of collectibles, ERC721, ERC1155, multiverses, digital assets, digital land, ...

1500 Bitcoin ATMs Deploying + Venezuela Socialist Scam

Today we are discussing the situation in Argentina and Venezuela where the situations are turning sour.

TRON changing BitTorrent? Programmer explains.

TRON indenting to make changes to BitTorrent. Let's discuss!

Formosa Financial - Financial Services for Blockchain Innovators

Welcome to this sponsored interview with Formosa Financial. Feel free to ask questions as we go along! https://www.formosa.financial/

ROMANCE: Ethereum Alliance + Hyperledger


Malta PM: Crypto is the Future of Money, Huobi EOS Manipulation

Malta PM Joseph Muscat agrees that crypto is the future of money while Huobi denies EOS Manipulation.

How 50 Million Facebook Users Were Hacked - Programmer explains

If you are a Facebook user you will find this very interesting, we discuss the recent Facebook hack step by step and if blockchain can be used to prevent this in ...

Binance DEX Early 2019? ShapeShift Money Laundering

We discuss Binance Decentralized Exchange project and the accusations against ShapeShift.

CitiCash - New Privacy Coin + Debit Card

https://Citicash.io Welcome to this video about CitiCash where we are going to talk about their code, their philosophy and what they are trying to achieve.

Google CRYPTO Money? IRS Crypto tracking

Google reverses and on crypto and IRS is spending money chasing taxes!

Bitcoin CORE is the Correct Name? Hard Core Truth

Good Morning guys! Today we are discussing why it is in some cases correct to say Bitcoin Core and why in some cases it isn't! BECOME BLOCKCHAIN ...

Programmer explains Bitcoin Inflation Bug

Bitcoin inflation bug made big headlines this week, which is one of the biggest bugs in the history of Bitcoin. We're also discussing being able to tip creators with ...

Litecoin Github FUD, $60M Exchange Hack

We discuss Zaif Exchange 60 million hack and Litecoin FUD disputed.