To The Lifeboats

BearableGuy123's Loadstar Letters

I break down big picture of BearableGuy's latest clue, while bringing in previous clues to give you the big picture he wants us to see. This is a must watch for ...

SWIFT's Bold Vision for the Future of Payments

Starts with a brief explanation of SWIFT's GPI and how it's different from Ripplenet. Then we dive into SWIFT's BOLD vision for the future of payments. The odds ...

The Bank of England and Ripple - Livestream

I'm going to cover recent announcements primarily from the BoE that give us tremendous insight into what's coming together with ...

Why Ripple's Investment in MoneyGram is Such a Big Deal

Listen to a couple of excepts from an interview with MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes. Ripple and XRP adoption is about to start moving forward very very quickly.

Libra Wite Paper Review and Surrounding Issues

A quick review of the Facebook Libra Whitepaper along with a few follow up items from the Moneygram announcement.

Ripple Announces Strategic XRP MoneyGram Parnership

A breakdown of the MoneyGram news of a strategic partnership, which happens to be on BearableGuy123's Full moon.

Thoughts on Facebook's Libra Coin

Join me on a walk around the family farm while I talk about Facebook Libra coin and possible connections with ripple and xrp.

St. Jude Charity Scandal Update

I have a number of issues related to the St. Jude scandal involving CKJ and others. I'll be running through this on a livestream due to time constraints.

Confessions of a Bitcoin Maxi

Walking through the comments from the last Proof of Work video to discuss some common misconceptions and FUD in the Cryptocurrency space.

Proof of Work Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin are Doomed to Fail

A lot of parallels can be drawn between the Cryptocurrency evolution currently underway and the digital music evolution that started in early 2000. History ...

Livestream General Discussion

I want to cover a the Events of the last week, talk about the last BG123 Clue, and then answer questions.

The CKJ Crypto News Charity Scandal Explained

Title says it all. Please watch.

Will the Real Satoshi Nakamoto Please Stand Up?

My view on the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has changed. Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, Dave Klineman - all names associated with Satoshit, this episode we ...

See Discription - SamIam & Bitcoin Ben XRP vs. BTC Disccusion

This recording has serious audio problems. I cut out several times. Due to skype issues, Ben's copy is not much better but complete. Sorry everyone! Catch Ben's ...

Currency Pegs, XRP, and PoW Creating Value

I'm going to cover the idea of pegging XRP to Gold and/or a stablecoin, and explain why it just doesn't work. I'll also be walking through the idea of Proof of Work ...

Siam Commercial Bank, XRP, Multi-hop and YoYo

Time to do some dot connecting about YoYo and the hints he's been providing for us. . . Enjoy.

Bank of International Settlements Changes its Tune

XRP will be the global liquidity provider for the central banks.

Riddler Roundup and Clues XRP Adoption is Around the Corner

I cover the latest BearableGuy123 Clues, and hints dropped from various sources on the internet. Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HamEggsn Conference ...

BearableGuy123 Roundup Livestream

I'm going to discuss what's been happening in May with BearableGuy, Binance and Bitcoin. The Telegram Channel ran into problems, and now it's my Discord ...

The Signifigance of AIIB and SWIFT

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank may be about to play a key role in global cross boarder payment. Looks like they're about to play a key role in the ...

Christine Lagarde Body Language Clues

Thanks to the Body Language Ghost, I've got loads of new insights of into the recent CNBC interview that you're gonna want to hear. Body Language Ghost ...