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Crypto News - Fighting Hyper Inflation & Updates from Colombia 💸🇨🇴🔥

Market updates & crypto news from Colombia and Venezuela. Why I've decided to move here and the important steps we need to take for crypto to reach a ...

Crypto Bleeds, Steps for Mass Adoption & Updates from Colombia

Crypto & Chronic is being live streamed from Colombia.

Crypto Bleeds, Steps for Mass Adoption & Updates from Colombia

Crypto & Chronic is being live streamed from Colombia.

Crypto News: Scam Alert 💥 OneCoin Finding New Victims 💣

Links and relevant information for: Crypto News: Scam Alert One Coin and Bitconnect have a lot in common. They both use terrible MLM strategies to bait ...

Passive Income From Crypto 🔥 Are Masternodes a Good Investment?

What does a masternode do? -Increasing privacy of transactions -Doing instant transactions -Participating in governance and voting -Enable budgeting and ...

Why Binance, Coinbase & Bitfinex Will Struggle with New Technology

Crypto exchanges are big business. Binance has quickly become the largest exchange in the world taking a 0.5 to 1% cut on every trade it carries out.

EOS Rumors and Conspiracy Theories - Ethereum Killer?

Crypto & Chronic is being live streamed from Colombia Dallas Rushings channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMiOtNUmlOO0V01wXK8p0Kg.

Amazon Fire 7 Review 2018 🔥 6 Secret Hacks You Should Know 🔑

For a list of download links visit http://www.davidhay.org/fire Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Review In this episode of Crypto Riot I review the Amazon Fire 7 tablet and ...

Crypto Review: BAT + Brave Browser 💣 Why I Sold Out Fast 💥

Try the Brave browser here: http://bit.ly/2rEmr1G More information about the BAT Token can be found here: http://bit.ly/2Kq3hV9 Browser speed tests published ...

The Crypto Wallet Showdown 🔴 How To Protect Your Money From Hackers 💣

In this episode of crypto riot I review the different hardware and software wallets available on windows, mac, android and apple devices. I also discuss some of ...

Crypto & Biometrics ⏰🔒🔑 Creating Systems That Don’t Require ID

Join our team of volunteers here: https://discord.gg/2xPMgRg In this episode of Crypto Riot I go over the biometrics system we are using for the crypto cucuta ...

Crypto News 🔥 Making History in Colombia & Succeeding Where Others Failed [Fixed]

The one laptop per child initiative was started in 2005 News and Updates from the Crypto Cucuta project and what this could mean for the rapid deployment and ...

Crypto News 🔥 The Bull Market Returns & Crypto's Ready to Explode 💣

Join our team of volunteers here https://discord.gg/SrZmpPM Thank you to teams at Dash, Nano, Digibyte, Smartcash, Pac Coin, & Dinero Coin for their early ...

Bitcoin and Tax - Professional Advice from a CPA

Recorded live at NAC3 Los Angeles 3/31/18.

How Crypto is Changing the World 🌍 David Hay, Live @ NAC3 Los Angeles -

Recorded live at NAC3 Los Angeles on March 24th. In this speech I go over the situation in Venezuela and the economic reality over 30 million people face each ...

CryptoBobby Live @ NAC3 Los Angeles 3/24/18

Copy of Crypto Bobby's presentation at NAC3 Los Angeles.

AChain (ACT) - A Chinese Based Smart Contract Platform

Recorded live at NAC3 in Los Angeles 3/24/2018.

Caught with $22,000,000 in Colombia ☠️ Living with Hyper Inflation 🎢

I spent a few hours in the Cucuta airport with local police and customs as they searched through a suitcase of cash I was bringing back to the United States for ...