Ethereum For Businesses And Entrepreneurs With William Mougayar

William Mougayar wrote a seminal article about Ethereum and what it means for developers, businesses and entrepreneurs. In this interview I talk with William ...

Codius Explained With Stefan Thomas, CTO Of Ripple Labs

In the current state of affairs and after several attempts to implement them, it is becoming more clear to the cryptocurrency community that smart contract systems ...

Ethereum Explained With Vitalik Buterin Inventor And Leader Of The Ethereum Project

Since the Bitcoin network started, Satoshi Nakamoto, its inventor, had the vision that it would not only serve as a system to store and transfer money, but it would ...

Ripple Explained with David Schwartz, Chief Cryptographer of Ripple Labs

In the context of many protocols being developed to complement or upgrade Bitcoin, there are a few that seem to be the ones with better chances of perpetuating ...

Stefan Thomas Talks About Bitcoin

Reposted from Newfination. 2013 interview.

Ripple Cryptographer David Schwartz About Malleability In Bitcoin

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Coinbase Demo - Bitcoin Wallet - With co-founder Fred Ehrsam

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